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New ore mining equipment of mine rock mining block machine

I company scientific research personnel to analyze and demonstrate of imported hydraulic splitting machine, absorb its advantage, to make a lot of other structural improvements. So that the company's hydraulic splitting machine imported splitting machine is easier to operate. Its core component split wedge group USES high quality imported materials, and refined through special processing technology, not easy injury, broken, its splitting strength durability, operation flexibility, etc all indicators meet or exceed the technical requirements of the import of splitting machine requirements.

Its concrete implementation steps are as follows: first of all, in a divided objects with a certain diameter with 11-11.5 cm and 1.7 m deep holes, spare empty distance of 2.5 meters, will split the machine wedge group (an intermediate wedge and two reverse wedge) inserted into the hole, the middle wedge through the function of the hydraulic pressure in two reverse wedge between forward movement, by the release of the largest energy outside introversion - 5000 tons, the object will be divided at 40-50 seconds split at predetermined direction. So as to achieve the rock crushing, easy to operate, safe and reliable, flexible use, high working efficiency, work no vibration, no shock, no noise, no dust, split direction control, economical and practical characteristics.

Deco work in enhanced hydraulic complete machine main application fields:

1. Split and broken rock, rock excavation, rock or ore second division, tunneling, and stretching, static blasting of underground mining.

2. The quarry is a mining stone, marble, granite, sandstone and so on.

Very large airborne division machine is the company's newly developed high-tech new products

Fill the blank of domestic large airborne division machine. It is a use of mining

The hydraulic power of machine itself, directly on the excavator arm can also use the standard hydraulic station. It is not only moving party

Then, work efficiency is higher than hand-held hydraulic splitting machine more than 10 times. A single division

Rock and ore bodies can reach 5 ~ 10 square meters. This machine is especially suitable for the blasting

The amount of rock excavation, ore mining. Such as building foundation, rock excavation, high city

Belt highway under construction or expansion of rock excavation, etc.


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