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Our city actively promoted the mechanization of grain drying

Mechanization is zhuhai food production mechanization to dry grain. Since this year, city NongJiJu takes restricted zhuhai food production to the mechanization process of the "gap", gather human, material and financial resources, promoting mechanization of grain drying work.


Is a driving factor concentration, pay attention to precision ShiCe. Grain drying capacity construction in agricultural mechanization target examination content and target task decomposition to the county, clear priorities and regional distribution. More money, project, policy tilt, the farm machinery purchase subsidy funds preferential subsidies to grain dryer, darned implementation should do. The grain dryers as a focus on the family farm cluster configuration, agricultural machinery, the area, grain drying of optimal placement of the base construction, set up a regional centre of grain drying.


The second is to carry out research to find, guides the market demand. Grain dryers use and demand special investigation, through questionnaires, telephone consultation, field visit family farms, agricultural cooperatives, to a comprehensive understanding of grain dryers used in service situation, summed up carding problem, put forward Suggestions for improvement. At the same time, the summary has the brand influence, stable performance, after-sales service quality brand of dryer, to the agricultural cooperatives, family farms, such as the main body to promote, guide the market demand, reduce the blindness. Of the more than 60 questionnaires, telephone counseling 25 people, visiting family farms, agricultural cooperatives 34, research the dryer 68 units.


Three is to optimize the service guidance, foster new technology. Organization of agricultural machinery and technical personnel, the villages and towns NongJiYuan, large grain, family farmers and agricultural cooperatives represent, special training course held grain drying technology, organization, the scene view, improve the level of theory of knowledge and skills. A city, county and township levels, forming a service network, set up technical team, clear the municipal backbone link county, county backbone docking dryer users, set up the technical guidance mode, one-on-one joint enterprise service personnel, free door-to-door service, face-to-face teaching technology. Has set up a technical guidance team 7, hold feature 4 training courses, training personnel 350 more than person.


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