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Luzhou machinery at German machinery expo intention to sign the bill, 250 million yuan

The German international construction machinery exhibition is the world's largest and most famous construction machinery industry exhibition. Zhuhai this exhibition machinery products involving large tonnage crane, excavator, engineering machinery hydraulic parts and so on dozens of classes. During the exhibition, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, venezuela, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Algeria and other 18 countries and Europe, North America, Middle East, southeast Asia, Africa and other regions of more than 100 distributors, manufacturers, purchasing customers and our city has carried on the butt, reached a preliminary cooperation intention agreement.


Luzhou is one of the nine engineering equipment industry base, but local engineering machinery products in the domestic market has been basically saturated. All the way to do this, our city seize the national implementation of "area" and "going out" strategy opportunity, actively build a "big market" system, the use of the machine group state such as state-owned enterprises, help local high quality engineering machinery products to expand overseas sales channels, to create a perfect sound system of domestic and international sales network, to promote enterprises "means" cooperation do big, do strong, raise public awareness in the equipment manufacturing industry. Zhuhai quality engineering machinery products the appearance the 31st Germany international construction machinery exhibition is one of the embodiment of the move.


Overseas markets more walk more wide, boost the city's machinery industry recovery more exuberant. Mechanical industry in the first quarter this year, the city's industrial output grew by 15.3%.


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