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The 17th jia international machinery exhibition opens

Hosted by the city by the letter appoint, commerce, set fine convention and exhibition company to undertake the 17th state jia international machinery exhibition (2016) on May 11-14 held in chongqing international expo center.

The exhibition attracted more than 1000 enterprises, has from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Spain and so on more than 10 countries and China Taiwan, Hong Kong hundreds of well-known enterprises, and from other nearly thousand enterprises more than 20 provinces and cities in China, will carry the high-quality goods exhibition. Especially in the industrial automation and robotics, private brand machine tool enterprises, have organized product exhibition industry. This exhibition shows the area of over 80000 square meters, 2000 units (sets) of various types of advanced mechanical processing equipment, tens of thousands of pieces of industrial automation and robotics, features, hardware tools, such as the scene display. During the exhibition, many technical seminars, technical discussion meeting activities, etc.

The global plant automation industry pioneer, fanuc group, with its powerful research and development, design and manufacturing capabilities, will be there with robots and machine tool equipment at the exhibition. The world's leading machine tool manufacturers Japanese camp stool, fully display of modern manufacturing new ideas. More haas, makerere tmac grams, can good, makino, forever China machinery, machine tool and the enterprises with high-end machine tool, bring new intelligent manufacturing equipment. Laser, the wei family, macro stone laser, yangzhou forging, campaigns, deep, AnDeJian qi, Yang di can, chutian laser inscription, the force magnitude enterprises will created using laser cutting, stamping, forging, welding processing and special processing equipment.


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