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Dalian port "mechanical master"

Did not read the university, but is referred to as the "master of mechanical electrical professional master graduate student, by the company as a" baby "talent, the sun with the peak industrial school student from a harbour, growth (601880, shares) for dalian port bulk cargo wharf company chief engineer mechanical operation company, the company's technology innovation leaders. Recently, with the sun feng won the national May 1 labor medal.

Become the English talent show"


In the 1980 s, the dalian port imported from Hungary for three sets of turbine, from debug to use, use the time for a whole year. The Siemens' operating system is in English, he realized with peak, completes the technician not only need to master the mechanical, electrical, computer, hydraulic a variety of professional knowledge, also need to be proficient in English.


Since then, on the dock in dalian ocean shipping is more of a Chinese technician, a have time, ran to the sun with peak and the sailors "bubble". Visit equipment on board, and the ship's chief engineer speak English, after a long time, the sun with the peak of English very well. In November 2003, the ore terminal of a mechanical and electrical gas discharging supervisor, he has technical problems can communicate with foreigners freely. On one occasion, dalian port has imported a schneider company produces four quadrant of the stator voltage regulating transmission, sun with the peak independent 3500 - word English manuals translated into Chinese.


"He is a mechanical fan"


Taciturn sun with the peak at ordinary times, when it comes to technology, and gush. It is because of such a love and dedication, let him all the way from door crane driver, electrical repair worker, technician, grow into dalian port bulk cargo wharf mechanical operation company chief engineer.


The momentum of sun with the peak delving into technology is obvious to all, if anyone encountered technical difficulties, he is the first rushed up to try to solve. Not long ago, the sun with the peak research using power line carrier technology, led by members of the studio in the mobile communications tower with a high-definition camera, audio and video remote network real-time transmission is implemented. Since then in any corner of the world, as long as there is the Internet, can see the production situation of ore terminal, real-time business people outside the business negotiations also don't have to carry a large number of printed materials. From is put forward to realize the system took only a week, to spend only 20000 yuan.


Let the discharging efficiency of leading the country


In 2012, named after sun with the peak of the "sun with the peak model innovation studio" was formally established, focus on safety operation, saving energy and reducing consumption, and managment system research and development promotion. Sun with the peak of creation "balance method" homework, more make dalian port ore terminal discharging efficiency lead the country.


Ship unloader and leakage phenomenon perplexes ore terminal and the same industry for many years, not only lead to clean up the product material is a lot of artificial cost, also let the dust pollution is very serious. In the face of this difficult problem, members of the sun with the peak led studio repeated experiments, solve the discharging operation and leakage problems, bring indirect economic benefit for the company each year more than 200 ten thousand yuan. In the "reducer recycling oil lubrication wire rope" projects, the sun with the peak created the service life of wire rope in the coastal port ore terminal record, the annual cost savings achieved 1.11 million yuan, was awarded the first prize for quality of scientific and technological achievements in liaoning province.


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