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What is the cold wave factors to repel engineering machinery industry

According to the Chinese construction machinery industry association of five a member of congress report, since 2015, our country has experienced unprecedented downward pressure, annual GDP growth of 6.9%, fell 0.4% year on year, the steady decline in the growth rate of the economy. At present, China's economic development is faced with the internal and external environment of complex and severe domestic parts industry capacity serious stabbing, economic structural contradictions are still outstanding. After construction machinery industry has experienced rapid growth, market step by step down for four consecutive years, a lot of enterprise sales slump, profits, business risk, faced with the development of the more difficult and complex environment.


In this case, the engineering machinery industry confidence, overcome difficult challenge, transformation and upgrading, and trying to win industry and stable development of the situation. In 2015, the quality efficiency promotion, technology development and product upgrading, scientific management and sustainable development, popularization and application of advanced manufacturing technology, talent cultivation and team construction, creating an environment of fair competition insist on industry self-discipline, etc, constantly increase the intensity of work, new progress has been made, the predicament brought the momentum in the development of industry.


So, defeated the construction machinery industry factors of cold wave? What are the policy actions in case of the spring breeze make construction machinery industry?


A mortgage, the bank robbers engineering machinery the deepest water is the wall


In recent years, with the preset monetary policy fine-tuning, lowered the deposit reserve rate, in particular, engineering machinery industry is facing the financing side of inside and outside pressure is gradually ease. Reporters to field survey, the area of the south of jiangsu province construction machinery mortgage business has become the Banks compete for the "beacon", the bank actively introduced preferential policies to the dealer credit environment is used to have the obvious change.


In addition to mortgage policy is expected to increase the purchase intention, the change of policy environment can also help the growing demand for the engineering machinery. A mechanical manufacturing company executive said: "due to funding pressure decreases, and infrastructure projects, such as mining construction situation is gradually improving. Our annual sales target is 3 billion yuan, is expected to increase by twenty percent over last year."


Easy credit degree more than expected


Sales for the credit line of engineering machinery products, the dependence is very high, most customers buy mechanical products are need to get a bank loan. An everbright bank branch, said an official with the credit "in 2011, along with the continuously raise deposit reserve rate, coupled with the requirement of the LDR, given our branch engineering machinery mortgage quota is limited."


Because of the impact of the credit as the first line of engineering machinery marketing, the plight of the distributor to further increase. As a south Korean excavators brand dealer's finance director, in the south of jiangsu yajie wang (a pseudonym) said: "the credit crunch is the main reason for the drop in sales last year, one is the impact to the industry downstream demand, partly because of financial pressure to build engineering construction progress slows, insufficient capacity utilization and lead to customer purchasing power; 2 it is affect our marketing efforts, in the first quarter of last year in order to seize market share, increase the stock up and promotions, and increase the proportion of financing lease and installment, as the credit tightening, we in order to strengthen risk control, active contraction of credit sales accounted for."


Second, li keqiang, deployed to carry out the transportation infrastructure for poverty alleviation


According to the voice of China "news and the newspaper" reported that the state council premier li keqiang yesterday chaired a state council executive meeting, the deployment in poverty alleviation transportation infrastructure, improve the ability to from poverty and becoming rich; Decided to build a batch of mass entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base, promote double gen towards a higher level and the level; Confirmed to good policies and measures to promote the stability of import and export, to promote transformation and upgrading of foreign trade.


Conference pointed out that ensuring and improving people's livelihood is an important focus of government work. Governments at all levels must properly solve education, healthcare, food safety problems, etc, to strengthen the construction of convenient service facilities, implement the responsibility system of "vegetable basket" the mayor, residents in concentrated communities pay attention to arrange special area convenient vegetables and other agricultural products trade, completes the reserve adjustment, guarantee market supply, improve and implement good social assistance and security standard pegged to the rising prices of linkage mechanism, to ensure the basic life difficult people. Closely related with public interests of the public policy, to the people-oriented, based on national conditions, adjust measures to local conditions, extensive listening, not simple "one size fits all", to improve policy operability.


Meeting to determine, in 2020, built a broad and deep insight in poor areas, the quality of the network traffic. Million miles of rural highway construction, highway, railway, airport, etc the backbone project, promoting the construction of border road section blank. Increase the fiscal and taxation, land use, such as policy support, built a pay equal attention to, improve the investment and management of long-term mechanism.


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