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The industrial robot to realize "two breakthrough" "three ascension"

The ministry of industry and information technology released the robot industry development planning (2016-2020). A day earlier, the ministry held a press conference, the relevant controller introduces relevant information "planning" and the next step of work, and with industry experts, well-known enterprises and industry organizations respond with representatives of the hot issues in the development of robot industry in our country.


Form complete industrial system


For the implementation of the "made in China 2025" will be a robot as a key development in the field of the overall deployment, guide the healthy and sustainable development of robot industry in China, and the ministry, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance by three ministries jointly issued by the robot industry development planning (2016-2020). "Planning", the robot industry in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period in order to realize "two breakthrough" "three", namely the robot key components and a major breakthrough in the high-end products, realize the robot quality reliability, market share and leading enterprise competitiveness, form relatively perfect the industrial robot system.


Relying on the world's largest market robots, robot industry rapid development in our country. Figures show that in 2015, our country industrial robot production of 32996 units (including foreign brand), up 21.7%; Independent brands robot production for 22257 units, up 31.3% from a year earlier. In the first quarter this year, China's industrial robot production for 11497 units, up 19.9% from a year earlier.


"' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in 'is the key to the future development of robot industry in China." Xin guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology, stressed that to develop the robot industry, to build our country to make new advantages, promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, accelerate the construction of manufacturing powers, to improve people's living standard is of great significance.


From certain specific goals, "planning" in 2020, the annual output of 100000 units, industrial robot more than six axis and robot reached more than 50000 units; Sales revenue exceeds 30 billion yuan, service robots in helpage assistive, medical rehabilitation, and other fields to achieve the small batch production and application; To cultivate more than three leading enterprises, build more than five robot supporting industrial cluster; Industrial robots mean time between failures (MTBF) of 80000 hours. Intelligent robot achieve innovative applications. Robot key components in more than six axis and industrial robot application in batches, the market share of 50% or more. Key industries to achieve large-scale application, robot density reached more than 150.


Industrial and service robots


"The policy of" planning ", be helpful for enterprises to find direction, make up short board, seize opportunities." Anhui's intelligent equipment co., LTD., deputy chief engineer XiaoYongJiang said, plan to promote the industrial robot to do strongly does very targeted.


Industrial robots and the development of service robots, and is an important policy of our robot industry development orientation. "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, will promote the industrial robot to the high-end, promote the development of service robots to wider areas. From the past, relative to the service robot, attach more importance to the development of industrial robots, the relevant policy support and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, industrial robot to realize the rapid development, is the main force of industry.


"Service robot is in the industrialization of the early stage, has huge development potential." China robot industry association executive director Song Xiaogang said, at present, our country in scientific research, medical rehabilitation, education, entertainment, family services and other fields has developed a series of the typical service robot products and applications. Just for the future development, the demand of service robots from three aspects: one is the helpage, assistive social demand; 2 it is in the rescue and relief, countries such as space, seabed exploration has comes in big demand; Three is in the entertainment, education, and broad application in aspects such as intelligent household space.


"We must realize breakthrough in a new generation of robots." Shenyang siasun robot leading enterprises in our country's President dao-kui qu said the robot development is in the high precision mechanical equipment to the turning point of integrated intelligent body. Robot industry further development in our country, not only to solve the traditional robot technology, more in intellisense and application of new materials, new drive system for a new generation of robots in key areas to realize the innovation breakthrough.


In order to promote the industrial robot ability to innovate, "planning" is put forward to strengthen the universal key technology research, establish and improve the robot innovation platform and so on many measures. During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", in view of the intelligent manufacturing and industrial transformation and upgrading of industrial robot needs, and the wisdom of life, modern services and special operation demand for service robot, the key breakthrough common key technologies which restrict the development of the robot in our country. Actively tracking robots in the future development trend, early layout for a new generation of robotics research. Make full use of and integrating existing resources of science and technology and research and development strength, innovation center to form a whole industry oriented robot, build political carrier with close combination of collaborative innovation.


Contain the low-end development tendency


At present, the heat is high, the development of the industrial robot market in China is fast, but also in the rush, such as cluster low-end problem that nots allow to ignore.


Facing economic daily reporter about "robot industry in China whether there is excess capacity phenomenon" questions, ministry of machinery industry department deputy director li dong responded: "overcapacity problem has attracted many attentions of the society, the robot industry is developing fast, there is also a overcapacity? This is also our problem in the process of preparation of the industrial robot programming. From the perspective of the market supply and demand 'robot industry overcapacity in China's conclusion is not."


According to li dong, in terms of robot demand, industrial robot market growth, also in high demand in the service robot, and the industry is in a traditional robot to upgrade process of modern robot, robot overall demand in rapid growth. Last year, and from the supply, our country independent brand robot production growth is far higher than the overall growth, and the robot is the custom, there are few inventory backlog. Overall, the growing demand, but also in the robot supply and production capacity in China to meet the market demand.


He also said that the structural problems in the development of robot industry in China is more outstanding, at the same time of high-end ability is insufficient, there is also a low low level repeated construction, blind development in the field of concern. Preliminary statistics, the robots production enterprise has more than 800, more than 200 are the main manufacturing enterprises, most of the assembly and processing is given priority to, in the industrial chain of low-end, low industrial concentration, small overall size; Around also appeared in more than 40 is given priority to with development of robot industry garden area, some park focuses on technology innovation investment, light, light the tendency of talents cultivation. "We will actively guide the various areas, various enterprises according to their own conditions and advantages, implement differentiation development, rationally guiding policy funds and resources to edge region and enterprise focus; support to build a robot industry association as soon as possible, strengthen industry self-discipline." Li dong said.


It is understood that in order to promote the sound development of the industrial robot next, miit will jointly with the relevant ministries and commissions, in accordance with the policy targets set in the "planning", formulate policies and measures, including: strengthen the overall planning and resource integration, strengthening of regional industrial policy guidance, guide the robot industry chain and the concentration of factors of production agglomeration; Increase the intensity of the fiscal and taxation support, use of the related policies and measures to support the robot and its key components research and development, industrialization and application; To create a good market environment, promote the resources advantage enterprises focus; To formulate robot certification by the system; To strengthen the construction of talent team, etc.


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