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Guizhou to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of improve the efficiency of the product quality

From guizhou province pledges inspect bureau learned that, in order to promote production from extensive to intensive, products from low-end to high-end, guizhou will promote the industrial transformation and upgrading, outstanding product innovation, in order to increase varieties, quality, creates the brand as the gripper, improve the efficiency of the province product quality.
This year, will be carried out in guizhou quality brand. For high-end CNC machine tools, automobile, rail transportation equipment, engineering machinery, special equipment, and key raw materials, basic components, electronic components and other key industries, common quality technology research key organization, build a batch of product quality control and technical lab evaluation.
For from the source to ensure product quality, will also make important industrial product traceability system in guizhou. In food, medicine, the infant child products, household appliances, such as implementing full product life cycle in the field of quality management, quality self statement and quality tracking system. Use big data to establish perfect government Shared tracing data exchange mechanism, establishing traceability management information platform, and publish to the society, to provide "one-stop" information query service. Promoting manufacturing brand construction. Promote the brand cultivation demonstration pilot demonstration enterprises and industry cluster regional brand, create a number of international brand, China famous trademark and products, and actively strive for quality prize in China. Guide enterprises to develop brand management system, and support a number of brand cultivation and professional services. A sound system of collective trademarks and certification trademarks registration management.
In addition, guizhou will intensify efforts to transform and upgrade traditional industries. To product market and benefit of enterprise, the full support of strengthening elements, expand the effective supply. Actively help enterprises to use new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new pattern to carry on the upgrade, adjust product structure, to release more capacity. At the same time, the energy conservation and environmental protection, biotechnology, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, high-end CNC machine tools, aerospace, new energy and other fields, guizhou will implement a batch of major industrial projects, increase in high-end industrial product supply capacity, to fully support to do strongly does.


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